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Via Italica

Ilya Zorkin's Italian sketches became the hallmark of Maestri d'Arte project. The Impressions from nature have grown into a series of three cityscapes and a landscape. Working in the historical genre, the artist embodies the idea of connection between time and space.

The Appian Way

Created in a primitive manner, this morning landscape symbolizes the onset of the long-lasting Roman influence on the ancient world.


The sunlit "Colosseum" on a hot day is the heyday of the Roman Empire itself. The monumental architecture is created with large brushstrokes, and symbolizes timeless grandeur of the Roman Empire.

Dome of Duomo

The "Dome of Duomo" is a bright and striking symbol of the Italian Renaissance. This large architectural masterpiece is depicted as a number of individual details. the artist's idea is to show the cathedral true to life as if we were looking at it with our own eyes. Whatever angle we're looking at it from, we can never see the whole Duomo, but only some of its fragments.

Night of Venice

The "Night of Venice" brings us to the idea of cultural death: the capital of a once prosperous republic has turned into open-air museum. Venice is silent in the darkness, but it is the light sky that the painter uses to give us a slight hope that there is always a chance for a new dawn.