Алексей Перепёлкин / COOMING SOON
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Paintings of young artists transferred onto silk pocket squares
Accessory as an art form
From now on, fine art is no longer hands-off. We made art tactile,
so that you can connect with it not only as a museum visitor.
We are presenting am opportunity to touch a work of art,
to shape it to your own liking, and to make it a part of your personal style.

Dome of Duomo. Ilya Zorkin
Louvre. Valeria Privalikhina
Colosseum. Ilya Zorkin
Moulin Rouge. Valeria Privalikhina
Night of Venice. Ilya Zorkin
Notre-Dame de Paris. Valeria Privalikhina
The Appian Way. Ilya Zorkin
Étretat. Valeria Privalikhina
  • By purchasing Maestri d'Arte accessories not only do you become a benefactor and collector, but you also make a personal contribution to the artists' evolution.
    The Maestri d'Arte project has set a goal to once again make art significant for the social circuit. We invite you to meet young painters who have already formed their artistic language and are ready to start a dialogue with a new viewer.

    The artists of our project determine themes and ideas for their collections independently. They don't fear censorship when introducing their original ideas to the world. Our goal is to assist them in presenting their achievements to those whose assessment will pave their way towards professional advancement.

    The art of style
    Pocket squares are available for purchase
    Italian and French collections of pocket squares are now meeting their owners. It is possible to do shopping online on the page of Maestri d'Arte catalogue.